About Us
Majid Ramak

My name is Majid Ramak, I am graduated in applied mathematics. People know me as a product manager, programmer, system analyst, and someone with little experience in ERP systems. I have been working in the field of software and information systems development and process designer for almost 14 years, and I have gained good experience in this regard. Recently, for 5 years, I have been the Product Manager of DigiKala.com Company (The biggest e-commerce company in the MENA region). I have gained countless good experiences in this field, which I intend to share with all interested parties. I always love creating and improving processes and simplifying life for people who have been working with the products which I have designed, and I always support making things easier and more efficient. In my opinion, the power of software is not in its complexity, but in their simplicity and optimization. In my opinion, there is a solution for every issue in this world, you just have to study it well and access reliable resources, and with special art, you can customize those items based on your needs. Once in a lifetime, wheels have been created and no need to recreate it. In fact, this website is a tool for satisfying my interest in programming and analyzing operational processes, including warehousing, logistics processes, and product management in those areas, and I have no commercial purpose. On this website, I want to share all my experiences that I have gained during these 14 years in various fields, including e-commerce with all those who are interested in this regard. On the other hand, I can somehow return to the world of web programming.