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Nowadays, due to the pandemic and its impact on increasing the demand for software platforms, we started to prepare logistics execution solutions to provide the required companies. For more information, you can visit http://lesolution.org/

Logistic Execution Solution



Due to the many requests of companies in this sector and relying on the gained knowledge in this way, we intended to develop a solution to be able to take an effective step on improving in this field. So, the result was creating a Logistics Execution Solution that will be prepared in the near future.

For more information, you can visit http://lesolution.org/


  • Management dashboards
  • Hierarchy inventory report
  • Product catalog definition
  • Dynamic and parametric abilities based on the customer's needs
  • Warehouse structure definition based on best practices
  • Ability to define multi-storage areas in warehouses
  • Ability to generate storage bins automatically and dynamically 
  • Creating Warehouse Receipts such as Purchase Orders, Stock Transfers, Sales Orders, Sales Returns, Returned Purchases, and also MarketPlace Concepts
  • Ability to work with HandHelds to manage the picking and putaway process
  • Managing different types of stocks such as Physical Stock, Saleable Stock, Reserve, Quarantine Stock, Transit Stock, Block Stock, Supply Stock
  • Ability to set Minimum Stock, Maximum Stock, ReOrder Point Stock, and Safety Stock to manage stocks
  • 3PLs managemnt 
  • Ability to manage user roles access
  • Working with Redis as a DistrDistributede
  • Ability to log all user activities 
  • Ability to log all errors

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